If the car is more than just a simple vehicle for you, and you want a greater, more reliable and efficient power while driving, then G-Drive 100 is your best choice. G-Drive 100 is high-octane fuel conceived in cooperation with leading experts in the field of premium fuels. Produced to the highest technological standards, G-Drive 100 is the fuel of the new power that will provide both enhanced performance and professional protection for your engine.



G-Drive 100 consists of active components of the last generation that provide additional energy for your vehicle, better acceleration and professional protection. Its special formula prolongs the lifespan of your engine and prevents malfunctions.

Unique termostable component of the fuel - friction modifier - forms the protective film between the piston and the cylinder in the engine, thus decreasing friction coefficient, improving dynamics and increasing engine power. The synergy of 100 octanes and the complex of active cleaning additives in G-Drive 100, increases engine power and makes every ride more exciting.1

Friction decrease in the engine which happens due to contents of friction modifier in the additive complex, ensures the improvement of dynamic characteristics of the vehicle. This allows faster accel-eration at high speeds which is essential for the overtaking on the highways.2

High-octane number and friction coefficient decrease enables torque increase in wide range of engine speeds (RPMs). This additional improvement helps while driving on steep roads.3


G-DRIVE 100 for cleaner engine

With the regular use of any fuel, the deposits accumulate in the engine. As a result of this process, the engine "suffocates" and does not work with its optimum strength. Deposits are harmful and in the long term can cause malfunctions. Continuous use of G-Drive 100 petrol, dirt deposts on the intake valves are reduced up to 8,5 times.4

First-class corrosion protection

Water molecules, which can be present in the fuel system of the vehicle react with metal parts and may damage it over time. Special component of G-Drive 100 additive complex protects the whole fuel system of the vehicle from the corrosion, ensuring the high A-class protection rate.


Special component of G-Drive 100 fuel protects from forming water-fuel emulsion which may appear in the fuel system in case of temperature changes in the winter, decreasing engine performance. This helps to maintain trouble-free vehicle operation during the whole year.

G-Drive 100 will transform your car into a powerful and reliable machine and bring the passion and excitement back to your drive. Be ready for the green light and with a little bit of gas you will feel the difference provided by the synergy of active additives and octane components.


G-Drive 100 - tested by Millbrook, UK

Millbrook Proving Ground is one of the largest vehicle testing centres located in Millbrook, England. Established in 1960s, the center provides vehicle test and development facilities including vehicle and system assessment, powertrain development and safety testing.

G-Drive 100 was tested for all claims stated in this brochure in Millbrook.


On G-Drive 100 fuel after 1000 km mileage on VW Golf 1,6FSI at 6000 RPM vs. standard Evro 8MB 95 gasoline

2 On G-Drive 100 fuel after 500 km mileage on VW Golf 1,6FSI at speeds of 115-125 km/h vs. standard Evro BMB 95 gasoline

3 On G-Drive 100 fuel after 1000 km mileage on VW Golf 1,6FSI at 4000-6000 RPM vs. standard Evro 8MB 95 gasoline

Achieved on test-engine of Mercedes-Benz M111 in Millbrook Proving Ground, UK